Chairman Bogaçhan Göksu led the project, AR-GE and market research started in 2009, Bayrambendi Ottoman Coffee Shop opened its first branch in Antalya in 2011 and has obtained a trademark registration. Our company, which produces all its products, started to give franchise in 2013 and gave close to 100 dealers at the end of 2015.

Our company which has the production of coffee roasting, pulling, packing integrated facility, cake, lemonade, salep, chocolate, ice cream, frozen products also has a lot of production capacity with machinery and equipments. Our company has opened in Güzeloba district and has shown how much importance Turkiye has to educate, research and develop with the first Coffee Academy. We plan to open our academy to the public within the scope of social sharing projects and provide education in coffee and chocolate area.

Our company which has its own natural flavors such as EFE Kahvesi, Cupcake, Çikolaşk with its patented content and its name, continues to research the products at the latest speed. Traditional Ottoman Kahvesi, Classical Turkish Coffee and all other natural products with its consumers are also appreciated with our cafe concept.

Our company, which is a production lover, has been working with Atos Mob for the execution of decorations, architectural design, construction, renovations and all other project works of our cafes. Until. Tic. Ltd. Founded Şti.yi. Our Founders, our Board Member Gökhan Akaydın is at the head of this company and all of our franchisors are involved in the turnkey project operation. We work with a great devotion to our team all day and night to make you feel like home at every Bayrambendi Ottoman Coffee House that smells thinly handmade handmade and still a living history.